Where we work

Our work began in 2013 after a random act of kindness in the Gambia. We now work in 8 countries spanning sub-Saharan Africa.

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I'm able to walk again and, with the love and support of my family, I am looking forward to getting back to work.
Where components are being distributed

The map below shows where our prosthetic components have been distributed to.

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Our beginnings

In 2013, Tom, our founder, experienced a pivotal moment that would shape the future of the prosthetics industry in sub-Saharan Africa. During his travels, he had the privilege of spending time with a generous family, where he met Paul, a father who once was the primary provider for his family until life took an unexpected turn, leaving him as an amputee. The impact of Paul's situation on his family was undeniable and deeply moving. Compelled by the desire to support his friend, Tom made a commitment to help Paul regain his mobility. Witnessing Paul take his first steps in two years was not just a breakthrough for Paul and his family, but a defining moment for Tom as well. The overwhelming joy and renewed hope it brought confirmed Tom's belief in the power of compassion and the significant difference it could make. Inspired by this experience, Tom was driven to empower individuals in similar situations to Paul, marking the beginning of our journey at STAND.

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