Sustainable Prosthetic Legs

We refurbish prosthetic limbs and invest in the development of low-cost, locally made components to provide sustainable, accessible, and affordable prosthetic care

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Sustainable practices in the prosthetics industry are essential, addressing both environmental concerns and the pressing need for accessible, affordable healthcare.

In sub-Saharan Africa, our approach to addressing the needs of millions of individuals with limb differences involves refurbishing prosthetic limbs from around the world that would otherwise be scrapped. This approach reduces waste and ensures these essential devices, destined for centres we serve across sub-Saharan Africa, reach those in need at a significantly lower cost. By investing in the development of low-cost, locally made components, and giving new life to high-quality prosthetic limbs, we drive innovation towards durable and cost-effective solutions suitable for diverse environments, particularly in resource-limited settings.

Embracing sustainable solutions in prosthetic care is a step towards global health equity, highlighting our dedication to both environmental stewardship and the empowerment of people living with limb loss, by providing low-cost, high-quality prosthetic options in the regions we support.

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What we’re doing for sustainability


Rescuing servicable prosthetics

We're saving usable prosthetics from clinics and individuals, turning potential waste into servicable mobility aids for those in need, challenging the norm of discarding functional devices.
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Product development

Working with industry leaders, we innovate affordable prosthetic solutions, ensuring high-quality care is available to everyone, irrespective of their financial situation.
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Dismantling and servicing

In collaboration with Men's Sheds, we dismantle prosthetic legs and refurbish each prosthetic component, creating a community-driven effort to repurpose limbs for a second chance at life.

Recycling tools and machinary

We utilise refurbished tools and machines, in our own workshop and by sending them to partnering clincs, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable model of prosthetic care.
Nav Solidiare: our collection partner in France sails components to the West Coast of Africa.

How to support!

Empowering individuals with limb differences is a collective journey that thrives on the support and engagement of our community.

Empowering individuals with limb differences is a collective journey that thrives on the support and engagement of our community. Whether you're a donor, a volunteer, or someone with a prosthetic to donate, your contribution makes a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. 

Why this matters?

Together, we can create a sustainable future where every person with a limb difference in sub-Saharan Africa has the opportunity to live independently, walk work, and thrive within their communities. 

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