STAND aims to make rehabilitation more accessible for everyone. 

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In resource-limited countries millions people are in need of orthotic and prosthetic services.

Mobilising people with limb differences in sub-Saharan Africa is crucial due to the significant barriers many people face in accessing prosthetic care and rehabilitation services.

Addressing this issue of health equity is crucial for enabling individuals to lead independent, fulfilling lives.

We aim to break down these barriers, enhancing accessibility to prosthetic legs and fostering inclusion within communities, ultimately empowering individuals with limb differences to participate fully in society.

Common  reasons for amputation

What STAND is doing to mobilise people

Accessible rehabilitation
With our partners, we strive to enhance prosthetic leg quality, making them more accessible, affordable, and suitable for users
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We train people with limb difference to become counsellors, so they can listen, understand, signpost and share their lived experience with other amputees
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Community outreach
We organise outreach treks to ensure access to rehabilitation services and counselling for people with limb loss that live in harder to reach places
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Give the gift of mobility today

How you can help

Your support is crucial in empowering individuals with limb differences across sub-Saharan Africa.

By making a donation, you directly contribute towards training professionals, improving rehabilitation services, and providing centres with essential prosthetic resources. Every contribution, regardless of size, supports our mission to enhance accessibility, quality, and ultimately the independence and well-being of those we assist.

Furthermore, donating prosthetic resources represents another valuable form of support. Your donated items are key to our ability to supply prosthetic limbs to those in need, ensuring that everyone has the chance to stand tall and regain mobility.

Together, through your generosity and our commitment, we can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

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