Leave a gift in your will

Remembering STAND in your will allows you to make a lasting impact even after you've departed. Legacy gifts have been pivotal in changing hundreds of lives over the past 10 years. Together, there's so much more we can achieve.
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The effect of a legacy gift in your will

Your will transcends legalities; it's a beacon of your legacy, extending care to your loved ones and supporting the causes closest to your heart in a tax-efficient way. By including a charitable donation in your will, your spirit of generosity will resonate across future generations.

As you pen your will, we'd be truly honoured if you considered bestowing a legacy gift upon STAND. Your legacy holds the power to transform lives: continue reading to discover the impact of your generosity.


Questions to ask your will provider

  • Insights into inheritance tax and how it affects your will, with tips on making your legacy as tax-efficient as possible.
  • Clear answers to some of the most common queries about wills and legacy gifts, helping you make informed decisions.
Imagine a future where, through your legacy, you empower hundreds of children with the gift of mobility, or transform entire communities, freeing them from the constraints of immobility.
By leaving a legacy in your will, we can unite to accomplish these remarkable feats – and so much more.

How your support could make a difference

Strengthening supply of prosthetic resources
This significantly enhances our ability to provide quality prosthetics, supporting individuals to regain mobility and independence.
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Funding bursaries for prosthetics students
This contribution supports education and training, crucial for sustaining and improving prosthetic care and rehabilitation services.
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Enabling significant refurbishments of clinics
 This substantial support transforms the quality of care for individuals with limb differences, making a lasting impact on communities.
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We understand that drafting a will is a significant step, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries – we're happy to assist you.

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After my diabetes led to leg amputation, my activities were severely limited. However, with my new prosthetic leg, I can now walk to the mall and participate in all family activities again.