How you can get involved

There are countless opportunities for you to contribute towards the empowerment of individuals facing limb differences, helping to forge pathways to independence for those impacted by poverty.
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Ready to make a significant impact?

Every contribution you make significantly impacts lives in underserved areas. Thanks to your support, we've rescued thousands of prosthetic legs, helping thousands of individuals with disabilities lead independent lives.

How to get involved


Make a donation

Every gift you offer supports us in making rehabilitation services more accessible. Your contribution also aids in empowering individuals with limb differences to become more resilient.
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Fundraise with us

Whether it's hosting a charity coffee morning or undertaking the challenge of a lifetime by scaling a mountain, there are numerous ways you can fundraise to support STAND.
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Transform lives with a major gift

Making a significant donation to STAND can profoundly impact the lives of individuals with limb differences living in underserved communities. Your support has the power to transform entire communities.
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Leave a legacy

By including STAND in your will, you could alter the future for generations in some of the world’s most underserved regions. Leaving a legacy is simpler than you might think and can have a profound impact.
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Other ways to give

Donate a leg
When you donate to STAND via your organisation's payroll, your contributions are tax-efficient, meaning the donation is deducted before tax is applied.
Giving in memory
Requesting donations to STAND in memory of a loved one can create lasting change, impacting future generations in low-income regions.
Gift Aid
If you're a UK taxpayer, your donation can increase by 25% at no additional charge to you. This means a contribution of £60 could effectively become £75.