How STAND operates

Every action we take creates a world where limb loss doesn't limit an individual's ability to learn, work, and find happiness.

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Our programmes work with multiple partners across 7 countires in sub-Saharan Africa
We like to remind ourselves that STAND's ultimate aim is for our mission to be accomplished to an extent that our role become redundant.

This signifies our desire to fulfill our objectives so effectively that there's no longer a need for our organisation. This means every amputee in sub-Saharan Africa would have access to affordable, accessible and appropriate prosthetic leg rehabilitation.

It's a big job, and we believe its possible with the help of our dedicated supporters. In appreciation, we commit to maintaining the highest levels of transparency and accountability, ensuring your contributions are allocated judiciously.

To guide us towards our goals, we've developed strategic plans that outline our approach across our key areas of work. 

Our charity numbers
We are officially registered with the Charity Commission, in England and Wales                                                                

Charity Number: 1158697
Our Theory of change
We’re committed to keeping everyone safe

Global management
STAND is supporting projects in 7  countries

At STAND, our work is driven by a collaborative ethos, uniting trustees, senior leadership, project managers, and a dedicated network of volunteers.

Our trustees guide our strategic vision, ensuring we stay true to our mission of making rehabilitation accessible across sub-Saharan Africa. They're supported by senior leaders and project managers who spearhead our initiatives, focusing on sustainable, impactful solutions.

Our volunteers, vital across all areas, from leg collection to fundraising, are the backbone of STAND, enabling us to extend our reach and deepen our impact.

Together, we're committed to empowering individuals with limb differences, fostering independence and community strength.

Phil Tunstall - CEO
"We empower, inspire, and transform. Our work goes beyond providing prosthetic limbs; we're building resilient communities, and we’re crafting a future where mobility is a right for everyone."
Meet the management team

Promise Maduako

Matt Thomson


Stefanie Hadley

Anna Lyttle


Sam Gibson

Jessica Stewart


Our partner network
We proudly collaborate with 13 rehabilitation centres, enhancing their ability to offer exceptional and accessible services to their patients. Below, meet Nsengi, a dedicated member at the Desire Hospital in Tanzania, one of the remarkable centres we support