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By fundraising for us, you have the power to transform lives. There are numerous ways to fundraise: no matter your choice, we stand ready to assist you. Ready to make an impact?
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Take on a marathon challenge to fundraise for STAND!

Team STAND and friends run the Bristol Half
Begin your journey in fundraising and discover the impact you can create!

No matter how you decide to participate or the amount you fundraise for STAND, your desire to effect change is what counts. Your backing enables us to sustain our transformative efforts across the globe, whether you're looking to organise something grand or modest, outdoors or indoors, solo or with loved ones.

We're thrilled you're considering fundraising for us. And remember, we're here to support you through every step of your journey!

Fundraising inspiration

Bake Sale Blast
Gather friends for a bake sale. Spread the word, bake, buy, and enjoy sweet treats for STAND.
Trivia Thrill
Host a trivia night, in-person or online. Charge an entry fee for a fun-filled quiz in support of STAND.
Art Auction
Organise an art auction fundraiser. Showcase donated pieces and auction them off.
Go on a run
Put your running shoes on and set yourself a challenge of a lifetime. 

Organising your fundraising event

Decide on something to do

Whether it's hosting a bake sale, undertaking a sponsored silence, scaling a mountain, or running a marathon, there are countless ways you can support our mission by engaging in activities you're passionate about.

Choose how to collect money

You can gather contributions by creating a page on an online fundraising platform like Enthuse, or opt for fundraising via Facebook: explore our online fundraising guide for more details. Alternatively, if you prefer the classic approach, you can collect cash donations from supporters and then forward the funds you've raised to us.

Get your event seen

To get the message out, why not spread the word about your event on social media platforms? Alternatively, printed materials like posters or flyers are excellent ways to promote your fundraiser—be sure to check out our fundraising pack for all the information you need.
Our fundraising pack
Your go-to resource for fundraising with STAND, packed with ideas, challenges, and tools to kickstart your journey from raising funds to rallying support.
Start Fundraising

How to send STAND your raised funds

Submit online through our website
For any cash or fundraising amounts received directly into your personal bank account, please contribute the equivalent online as a donation to STAND.
Handling Cash Contributions
Should you receive any cash donations, deposit these into your personal bank account and proceed to make a corresponding online donation to STAND.
Please don't post cash.
Contribute via your fundraising portal
In instances where you've established an online fundraising page but have received contributions directly to your bank account, you can deposit these on your fundraising page as though you are donating to yourself.
Mail cheques or CAF vouchers

Please mail any CAF vouchers or cheques to our UK address. Make sure to include your name, the fundraiser's name, the event's name or a brief description, and, if possible, your unique reference number.

See how your fundraising can help

Could facilitate transformative support for three adults like Fredrick, equipping them with the prosthetic limbs necessary for regaining their mobility and independence in the face of limb loss.
Could enable us to provide prosthetic limbs for five children, offering them a brighter, more self-reliant future.

Could go towards training of 2 prosthetic professionals, strengthening local healthcare services and ensuring sustainable support within communities

We're here to support you!
Let us know how we can support you. 

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