Education and vocational training

In the prosthetics industry, education and vocational training equip professionals with the specialised skills needed to deliver adequate care to individuals with limb differences.

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When education is neglected in the prosthetics industry, it leads to a workforce ill-equipped to meet the evolving needs of individuals with limb differences.

We are particularly interested supporting women with lived experience of limb-loss into the workforce, creating an equitable workforce, and helping female patients feel more comfortable when being fitted with a prosthesis.

Furthermore, continuous professional development drives innovation within the field, leading to more effective care solutions and the advancement of industry standards.

Ultimately, investing in the education of prosthetic professionals is vital for developing a skilled workforce that meets modern care challenges and supports individuals with limb differences in achieving independence and enhanced quality of life.

What STAND is doing

Developing clinical capacity
We're enhancing clinical capacity to meet the growing demands for prosthetic care.
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Training female technicians
We're actively training female technicians, and promoting gender diversity in the prosthetics field.
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Skills sharing

Through skills sharing, we're fostering collaboration and innovation among professionals.

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