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We rescue and service prosthetic leg components to help get amputees back on their feet across sub-Saharan Africa.

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It is estimated that 3.75 million people are living with a lower limb amputation in Africa.

STAND champions the empowerment of individuals with limb loss in sub-Saharan Africa by making prosthetic leg rehabilitation accessible to all. We invite individuals with an unwanted prosthetic leg to join us.

By repurposing high-quality prosthetic legs and providing them for free, we ensure amputees have affordable access to essential assistive technologies.

Your donation will support rehabilitation centres in improving their services and meeting demand, advancing our mission towards a future where mobility and independence are achievable for everyone we serve. Together, we stand strong.

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Post-1990 prosthetic legs are modular, meaning parts like feet, knees, and pylons are interchangeable. This versatility allows us to dismantle and service the components before re-use.

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