Counselling and wellbeing

Counselling and wellbeing for individuals with limb difference encompass emotional support and holistic care, addressing the psychological impacts of limb loss to foster resilience, independence, and a positive sense of self.

Counselling and wellbeing services support people with limb loss to navigate their new lives.

People with limb differences encounter challenges that transcend physical limitations, impacting their overall well-being and quality of life.

  • The emotional and psychological effects of limb loss are profound, necessitating counselling and peer support to aid in coping with mobility loss, altered body image, and the trauma of such life-changing events.

  • Establishing supportive communities is essential for mental health and emotional well-being, allowing for the sharing of experiences, fostering resilience, and building a solid support network.

  • There is a notable lack of access to necessary counselling and talking therapies in many areas we work in sub-Saharan Africa, significantly affecting the rehabilitation process and highlighting the urgent need for increased service provision.

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The journey of rehabilitation is complex, entailing the physical aspect of coping with limb loss and navigating the intricate emotional and psychological pathways, all the more challenging due to insufficient support services.

of amputees develop a mental health disorder due to limb loss
of people have the assistive technologies they need
52 million
of the World’s amputee population live in Africa
Where it makes a difference

Provides a safe space for individuals with limb differences to process emotions, overcome trauma, and navigate their journey towards acceptance and psychological resilience with professional guidance.
Support groups
Foster community and mutual understanding among people with limb differences, offering shared experiences, encouragement, and coping strategies to face life's challenges together.
Accessible rehabilitation
Ensures that individuals with limb differences can easily reach and benefit from comprehensive care services, including physical therapy and prosthetic fitting, to regain mobility and independence.
What STAND is doing

We proactively address these challenges with our projects in the Gambia and Ghana, aiming to significantly enhance the support and resources available to individuals with limb differences.

  • We are committed to training amputees to become peer-support workers and counsellors, providing empathy, understanding, and guidance to those newly adjusting to limb loss.

  • Believing firmly in the communal aspect of recovery, our efforts foster shared experiences and support through peer support and counselling, thus addressing the crucial need for emotional and psychological assistance.

We are committed to delivering comprehensive care that prioritises  emotional and psychological aspects, thereby significantly improving the lives of those with limb differences.


After a road traffic accident ended his police career in The Gambia, Aleau dedicated himself to supporting others in similar situations, forging a new path of empathy and assistance.

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