Corporate partnerships

Joining STAND as a corporate partner changes lives in sub-Saharan Africa and adds meaningful value to your business, showcasing the impact of your support.

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Globally, millions of individuals face life with limb differences, with a significant number residing in sub-Saharan Africa.

The challenges people encounter not only involve personal mobility and independence but also extend to broader societal participation and employment opportunities.

Building on our legacy of transforming lives, we work across numerous communities to provide prosthetic limbs, holistic rehabilitation, and advocate for inclusivity and empowerment. Our efforts have restored independence to countless individuals and fostered stronger, more supportive communities.

To sustain and expand our impactful work, we rely on the generous support of our partners.

A corporate partnership with STAND will enhance your business's value, amplifies your brand's visibility and helps you achieve your corporate social responsibility goals.

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Why support STAND?

We're eager to forge dynamic partnerships with companies aligned with our vision, aiming to create lasting change together.

Our dedicated team is ready to work alongside your business, identifying innovative ways to align our mission with your corporate goals and values. You'll be kept in the loop with regular updates on how your support is making a difference.


Partnership ideas

Sponsor a project
Corporations can make a direct impact by sponsoring a specific STAND project, such as distributing prosthetic limbs or supporting rehabilitation services. This allows companies to see the real difference their contributions make, with regular insights into how their support is transforming lives.
Brand opportunities
Align your brand with STAND through co-branded campaigns or event sponsorships, showcasing your commitment to innovation, sustainability, and empowerment. Elevate your brand and support vital services for amputees, enhancing both corporate image and social impact.

Some of our amazing partners


Navigator International Logistics assists STAND with both local and global shipping needs.


Davpack donate packaging to us to ensure our prosthetic legs can be shipped safely and securely to their forever homes across sub-Saharan Africa.


Firehaus supports STAND in developing its new identity, including the name, visual design, and brand experience.

Please let us know if you'd like to be acknowledged for the support you're providing to people in low-resource countries