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We collect and service prosthetic leg components to help get amputees back on their feet across sub-Saharan Africa.

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It is estimated that 3.75 million people are living with a lower limb amputation in Africa.

STAND champions the empowerment of individuals with limb loss in sub-Saharan Africa by making prosthetic leg rehabilitation accessible to all. We invite individuals and centres to join us in this cause.

By repurposing high-quality prosthetic legs and providing them for free, we ensure amputees have affordable access to essential assistive technologies.

Our efforts support rehabilitation centres in improving their services and meeting demand, advancing our mission towards a future where mobility and independence are achievable for everyone we serve. Together, we stand strong.

To discuss how your organisation can get involved, contact our logistics super star.
Promise Maduako: +44 (0) 7803 307955
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Our generous donors
We work with amazing people at rehabilitation centres across the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA, who let us know when they've got some components for us to collect.
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 Find out which components can be recycled here

Our incredible collection international ambassadors
We work with collection heroes around the globe to maximise the recycling of prosthetic components.
Meet Viviana from Spain

1. Remove sockets

These are the parts we can not accept and recycle.


2. Separate parts

These items are useful across our mobility network.


3. Box it up

The max length of any side must not exceed 30KG's