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Supporting STAND with a major donation can significantly change lives, empowering individuals to regain mobility and independence. Your contribution will help build inclusive communities where everyone can stand tall and thrive.
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Ian is a farmworker who lost his leg after a traffic accident. With a new prosthetic leg he is now able to walk to the farm and carry on with his work which makes him happy.

Thanks to the kindness of our supporters, since our inception, we've facilitated countless life-changing interventions, providing prosthetic limbs and rehabilitation services to thousands across Africa.

Your contribution can make a profound difference: it might empower children and adults with limb loss to achieve independence and reintegrate fully into their communities, or it could provide essential prosthetics to individuals who believed they would never walk again.

Our crucial mission progresses solely due to the generosity of donors like you.

For more information on how you can contribute and make a significant impact, please reach out to Anna Lyttle:

+44 (0)7871273805 or
Major donor
"Our major donor play an essential role in our efforts. Collaboratively, your generosity has the power to profoundly change countless lives."
Tom Williams OBE
Founder STAND 

How your contribution could make a major difference

could strengthen our supply chain, ensuring a steady flow of rescued prosthetic components. This investment significantly enhances our ability to provide quality prosthetics, supporting individuals to regain mobility and independence.
Learn our our sustainability efforts
could fund bursaries for prosthetics students, fostering the next generation of specialists. This contribution supports education and training, crucial for sustaining and improving prosthetic care and rehabilitation services.
Read about our training programme
could enable significant refurbishments of clinics, upgrading facilities and equipment. This substantial support transforms the quality of care for individuals with limb differences, making a lasting impact on communities.
Learn about our Rehabilitation centre upgrade programme

I was eager to contribute to a project we truly feel connected with and was inspired to make a donation after learning about the incredible work STAND is doing.

Ann Yates, major donor
Why support STAND today?

We're at the forefront of our sector, armed with global expertise and a distinguished history of impactful outcomes. Your support plays a vital role in our mission, directly enhancing the lives of some of the most underserved individuals across the globe.

As a significant contributor to STAND, you'll experience a bespoke partnership. A dedicated liaison from our team will ensure you're continually updated on the transformative effects of your contributions, offering personal updates, firsthand accounts from our on-the-ground staff, detailed reports, and exclusive invitations to special events.

Your support for STAND can manifest in various forms, whether through regular contributions, a singular donation, or even share donations.

You could also consider leaving a gift in your will.

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Our mission's success is reliant on the kindness of our supporters, which is why we prioritise transparency and accountability.
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We would be thrilled to discuss the various ways you can engage with us.

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