Our vision is of a world where limb loss doesn't hinder anyone's ability to thrive, ensuring everyone can participate fully in society.
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About Stand - A smiling man with prosthetic legs, wearing a red sports jersey and gloves, uses parallel bars for support. He stands on sandy ground, with greenery and a building in the background, representing the vision of STAND.

You could give the gift of standing to someone like Robert.

We focus on prosthetic support and rehabilitation for those experiencing limb loss, tackling the challenges that hinder mobility and independence. To achieve this, we collaborate with national health services and a range of partners at local, national, and international levels to deliver prosthetic limbs and provide rehabilitation services where they are most needed.

We also champion the rights of women, girls, and individuals with disabilities, working to enhance local healthcare services to ensure they are sustainable.

With years of dedicated service, we are proud to be pioneers in our field.

5 million
people living in Africa have an amputation
400 million
 Africans need access to assistive technology
of amputations in sub-Saharan African were as a result of diabetes

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What we do

About Stand
Mobilising individuals
Fostering environments where individuals with limb differences can carve out their own paths, flourish independently, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.
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About Stand
Education & vocational training
Boosting gender equality in the sector by expanding training for female professionals, advancing the industry, and raising community awareness.
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About Stand
We work with implementing partners to improve local health services, ensuring everyone can get health care when they need it.
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For transparency, our impact against income stats are public and real time.
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