Shana Parmeshwar’s Epic Solo Drive to The Gambia: Supporting STAND’s

July 4, 2024

We’re excited to share that Shana Parmeshwar, a renowned adventurer and social media influencer, is about to embark on an extraordinary solo journey from Bristol to The Gambia. Departing on the 7th of July, Shana will travel over 6,145 miles in her trusty Ford Ranger, aiming to deliver prosthetic components and raise £10,000 to support STAND’s life-changing work. This remarkable journey is expected to take approximately three weeks.

Meet Shana Parmeshwar

Shana, a 35-year-old former pilot, TV presenter, racing car driver, and entrepreneur, has spent her life pushing boundaries and making a positive impact. Her latest endeavour showcases her adventurous spirit while supporting a vital cause.

“Hi, I’m Shana, and I’ve faced immense challenges and criticism throughout my life, but nothing has deterred me from pursuing my dreams,” Shana shares on her fundraising page. “The COVID years were particularly tough, plunging me into the deepest depression after a medical incident. It took a long time to recover, but this journey ignited a passion for exploring the world and connecting with people.”

Supporting STAND’s Mission

STAND, formerly known as Legs4Africa, is dedicated to providing high-quality prosthetic limbs and comprehensive rehabilitation services to amputees across sub-Saharan Africa. Our mission is to empower individuals with limb differences to live independent, fulfilling lives. Shana’s journey is a testament to her unwavering determination and her commitment to supporting this mission.

“I’m partnering with STAND to deliver prosthetic legs and parts to children and young adults in The Gambia and other West African countries,” Shana explains. “This journey is not just about adventure; it’s about making a meaningful impact. Along the way, I will film my journey and create a documentary to raise awareness about the challenges and resilience of amputees.”

How You Can Follow and Support

We invite you to follow Shana’s incredible journey and support her mission. Stay updated with her travels and see the impact of your support through her documentary, which will capture the essence of this inspiring adventure.

Follow Shana’s journey and support her mission at Shana’s Fundraising Page.

About the author

Name: Tom Williams

My passion? Ensuring no prosthetic leg goes unused. I’m dedicated to collecting, refurbishing, and sending these vital pieces of technology to our partners in Africa, where they make a world of difference. When I’m not immersed in this mission at STAND, I’m often found outdoors, embracing nature. I love long walks in any season, camping under the stars, and enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors. My evenings often involve a unique hobby – maintaining and repairing old pinball machines. This blend of precision and nostalgia keeps me engaged and always learning. This fusion of dedication to my work and my love for nature and tinkering drives me every day, both at STAND and beyond.

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