From Paralympic Dreams to Life-Changing Deeds: Martin Perry’s Journey

November 22, 2023

Recently Legs4Africa was offered two running blades by Martin Perry. When we received them our warehouse manager was very impressed, which led me to do some investigating and I discovered that Martin’s story is both astonishing and inspiring. Born with a congenital condition which meant he has no hands and one leg he appears to have taken this situation, not as a setback but more of a challenge. Encouraged by his three brothers he played football, rugby, basketball and athletics before landing on table tennis as being the sport he chose to try and excel in. And my goodness, he certainly did that. In 2019 his dedication saw him become European team and British champion in para table tennis. In the last two years Martin has kept up the momentum coming 3rd in the 2022 World Championships Singles and in the 2023 European Singles and Doubles.

Now he has set his sights in getting through to the Paralympics in Paris in 2024 to which end he has a punishing schedule that sees him training 5 hours a day! 

Following Martin’s generous donation of the blades he no longer uses, Legs4africa will be cheering him on and sending him all our good wishes for success next year.

About the author

Name: Tom Williams

My passion? Ensuring no prosthetic leg goes unused. I’m dedicated to collecting, refurbishing, and sending these vital pieces of technology to our partners in Africa, where they make a world of difference. When I’m not immersed in this mission at STAND, I’m often found outdoors, embracing nature. I love long walks in any season, camping under the stars, and enjoying the serenity of the great outdoors. My evenings often involve a unique hobby – maintaining and repairing old pinball machines. This blend of precision and nostalgia keeps me engaged and always learning. This fusion of dedication to my work and my love for nature and tinkering drives me every day, both at STAND and beyond.

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