We are looking for a new Fundraising Manager!

July 11, 2023

Job Title

Fundraising Manager

Reports To

Tom Williams, Technical Director

Job Overview

Hours: Contracted Monday to Friday, 9-5 pm*

(* However, if certain conditions regarding productivity and well-being are fulfilled, we are currently trialing a four-day work week policy – Mon-Thu)


£30,000 – £39,000, dependent on experience.

Benefits and company culture:

4-day working week focussing on productivity and wellbeing. You will be contracted to a 5-day week, however, we recognise the benefit of a 4-day week. So, we have all opted-in to a 4dw agreement, which could end at any time if productivity and wellbeing are negatively impacted.

A value-driven organisation dedicated to philanthropy and development. Pension plan with the organisation contributing an additional 5% on top of your earnings. Extensive internal and external training opportunities and support. 22 holiday days plus bank holidays (pro-rata).

Time commitments/flexibility:

Standard 9-5 working hours*

(*As a flexible employer, we are open to discussing a work schedule that best suits you.)


Hybrid: Bristol-based office that complies with disability accessibility requirements, with opportunities to combine remote and office-based work.

This job can be done remotely, however once per quarter there is a mandatory 2-day meetup in Bristol.

Other details:

We are a team of 6 full-time employees based primarily in Bristol, UK. We additionally have various part-time staff and volunteers based in the UK. We also have employees in the Gambia and Ghana and volunteers in various countries.

You will become the Fundraising Manager, with a handfull of volunteers who offer support in fundraising efforts. You will be supported by a working group, consisting of the Technical Director (who oversees comms, amongst other responsibilities), the Managing Director, and the previous Fundraising Manager (now a project manager). You will also have a fundraising-focused Trustee to offer support.

What does our organisation do?

Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking again in sub-Saharan Africa. We collect prosthetic legs destined for landfill, dismantle them into parts and then ship them over to partner hospitals across sub-Saharan Africa. The parts are then used to build or repair legs for people who otherwise may never walk again. Since 2014, we have sent enough parts to build over 15,000 prosthetic legs. Our work also focuses on aiding emotional rehabilitation for amputees by setting up community groups and sharing online resources and improving prosthetic and orthotics services in these countries by training prosthetists, funding hospital upgrades and researching local production options

What is the job role?

As a Fundraising Manager, you will be tasked with various responsibilities such as researching and managing databases for grants and trusts, application writing, community fundraising through campaign design and marketing, and managing relationships with our major donors. You will also manage corporate partnerships, regular donors, and various administrative tasks. The job initially focuses on Grants and Trusts in the UK and the USA, expanding the regular donor pool through campaigns and administrative tasks, but after a 3-month transition period, all other duties will be taken on. This role is to become your own, so once the basics are mastered, this will become a creative and personalised position.

Last financial year, we had an income of about £580k. This income is primarily from Grants and Trusts and so, this part of the role is incredibly important. However, our other income streams, such as relationships with individual regular givers, are vital. This role will also oversee the growth of the corporate partnerships and growth internationally. We are seeking somebody with significant experience, who can take over this role and hit the ground running.

What will you achieve within 12 months?

  • Prepared and submitted numerous funding proposals to grant-making trusts
  • Built and maintained strong relationships with regular givers
  • Managed a diverse range of income streams (including major donors, regular givers, corporate partners and running campaigns)
  • Facilitated the expansion of fundraising activities in the United States, institutional funding and corporate partnerships
  • Written quarterly newsletters for donors
  • Reported to current funders with project and charity updates
  • Coordinated volunteers for grants and trust research
  • Managed our CRM database and submitted a Gift Aid claim
  • Contributed to social media outreach
  • Built and sustained key relationships with corporate and major donors
  • Reported the organisation’s impact to a broad range of stakeholders, both verbally and in written form.

Skills you should have already:

  • Professional and self-motivated
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent planning and organisational skills
  • Experience with applying for grants and trusts
  • Track record of meeting goals and deadlines
  • Previous experience with a CRM database (we use Donorfy)
  • Basic use of financial software
  • Creativity and big-picture thinking
  • Data management and record keeping
  • Relationship building and stewardship
  • Proficiency in using digital marketing tools
  • Understanding of fundraising ethics and regulations
  • Familiarity with monitoring and evaluating techniques
  • Multitasking abilities and prioritisation
  • Volunteer management skills
  • Experience in donor research and prospect identification

Ideal previous experiences:

  • Knowledge of grant and trust management and application processes
  • Designing and running creative campaigns to attract more financial donors
  • Collaborating with PR and social media companies to promote campaigns
  • Previous work in the International Development industry
  • Effective reporting techniques
  • The utilisation of various collaborative software
  • Management of 6-figure income streams
  • Prior experience in managing budgets and financial reporting
  • Experience with corporate partnerships and securing corporate sponsorships
  • Previous involvement in developing and implementing fundraising strategies
  • A history of running successful online fundraising campaigns
  • Experience with impact measurement and communicating success to donors

How to apply:

Please submit a CV and a cover letter (maximum 1 A4 page) detailing why your skills and interests make you the ideal candidate for this role.


13th August

Interviews week commencing: 21st August

Where to send applications:

Please email applications to matt.thomson@legs4africa.org


We are an equal opportunities employer. We encourage applications from people living with disabilities, gender variant individuals, and people from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.

About the author

Name: Matt Thomson

As Innovation Manager, at STAND I'm passionate about leading initiatives that strengthen international partnerships as well as exploring innovative prosthetic technologies to boost local production capabilities. When I'm not at work, you'll likely find me outdoors, whether I'm hiking, camping, or just soaking up nature's beauty.

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