You Said, We Did: How Legs4Africa is Taking Action Based on Your Valuable Feedback

May 3, 2023

At Legs4Africa, we believe in the power of listening and continuous improvement. In our recent survey, we reached out to our stakeholders, staff, and supporters for feedback on how we can better serve our mission. We are grateful for your input and are excited to share how we have taken your suggestions on board to enhance our organization. We proudly present to you, ‘You Said, We Did.’

Educational Trips:
You expressed interest in more educational trips, and we heard you. We have now facilitated meetings between our partner organizations, enabling them to visit each other and learn from one another’s experiences. These interactions will help build strong relationships and enhance knowledge exchange, ultimately benefiting the communities we serve.

Donor Updates:
Our donors play a crucial role in our mission. Your request for more information on L4A’s activities has been addressed. We have improved our communication strategy, providing you with regular updates on our work, the impact of your contributions, and stories from the field.

Strengthening Community Connections:
We understand the importance of staying connected. We have taken steps to encourage more contact between community groups, fostering collaboration, and ensuring that our efforts are better aligned to maximize our collective impact.

Partner Training and Support:
Your requests for partner training and support have been actioned. We have expanded our training programs in Ghana and Gambia, addressing the most requested topics, and provided additional resources for our partners to gather better data. We also added flexibility in funding to cover administrative expenses not initially budgeted.

Volunteer Roles and Management:
We appreciate our volunteers’ hard work and dedication, and we recognize the need for more defined job roles. We have taken steps to clarify these roles, ensuring that volunteers understand their responsibilities and can effectively contribute to our mission.

Improved Communication:
Your feedback highlighted the need for better communication between directors and managers. We have implemented measures to enhance communication channels and foster a more collaborative working environment. This will ensure that our leadership team stays aligned and informed about organizational developments.

Support for Mens Shed Groups:
We have acknowledged your request for more support from the head office for our mens sheds partners. Our team is working on providing additional resources and assistance to ensure the success and sustainability of these vital projects to help us dismantle prosthetic legs.

TATCOT Scholarship Program:
Inclusivity is a core value at Legs4Africa. We’ve extended the scholarships we provide to include continued professional development opportunities for male staff in our partner clinics whilst we also work with those partners to provide employment opportunities to women entering the industry.

Assistant/Intern Recruitment:
To better serve our community and manage our growing workload, we have brought on board an assistant/intern in the UK. This addition to our team will help streamline operations and enhance our support to our partners and beneficiaries.

Personal Touch for Regular Givers:
Finally, we understand that the personal touch matters. We are committed to bringing back a friendly and personal touch for our regular givers, ensuring that you feel valued and appreciated for your ongoing support.


Your feedback has been invaluable in helping us grow and improve as an organisation. We are excited about the changes we have made, and we are confident that they will lead to better outcomes for the communities we serve. Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing our progress with you as we move forward together.

About the author

Name: Phil Tunstall

I'm STAND's managing director, this means I'm responsible for the programmes that we run, the finances, and the wellbeing and productivity of our team. The work motivates me, I enjoy the creativity, challenges and problem solving which keep my brain buzzing, and the conversations with colleagues and partners from around the World fill me up with connection and keep my heart happy. When I'm not thinking about prosthetic legs, I enjoy getting out for walks, runs and swims around Cornwall.

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