Legs4Africa Provides the Alternative to Landfill

January 6, 2023

Yvonne was a very dear friend of Tricia’s and they enjoyed walking together and particular favourite was amongst the bluebells in the spring.  Unfortunately, due to an infection in her leg, Yvonne became an amputee late in life and, amongst her belongings after she died, Tricia found her two prosthetic legs. Yvonne would not have wanted them to go to landfill but after discovering that they can’t be recycled in the UK, Tricia searched around and found Legs4Africa’s website with all the information she needed to get the ball rolling to be able to give the legs a new life in Africa where the need is so great. 

Certain that Yvonne would have a big smile and would be sharing Tricia’s giggle at the seeming incongruity of what she was doing, a big box was found and the legs duly packed and posted off to Legs4Africa in Bristol where they arrived a few days later.  Within weeks they were being shipped to one of the clinics with whom we are partnered in sub Saharan Africa where they would be remade into well fitting new prosthetic legs for people living with limb difference.

Yvonne Amongst the Bluebells

About the author

Name: SuePownall

Hey there, I’m Sue! I keep things running smoothly around here, answering all your queries at hello@stand.ngo, coordinating generous leg donors from around the globe with our partners in Africa. I’ve got a keen eye for detail, so I’m also the one catching typos and sprucing up our blogs. When I’m not wielding my admin wand, you’ll find me lost in a good book, doodling away, getting crafty with some sewing, soaking up some ballet or theatre, or just laughing it up with my mates. And yes, I’m often the one bringing the biscuits – because who doesn’t love a good biscuit?

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